Skyhill Legacy Edition Gymnastic Grips Pink

By Skyhill


The new Legacy is an evolution of the latest Skyhill Grip. This brand-new Legacy Grip offers the very best in technology. You will see the same adherent material as the already established Competition grip along with a new diamond-shaped seam that was developed to be able to withstand the most extreme forces on the bar and ring exercises. 

These Grips are ideal for pull-ups, chest to bar, toes to bar, and muscle-ups. It helps facilitate the execution of movements and allows you to go beyond the limits. All these factors contribute to a resistance that has never been achieved in Skyhill grips.

Here are some new things to look for in the Skyhill Legacy Grip:

• New single-layer shape having greater contact area with the bar.

• Extra soft Neoprene Cuff.

• More grip hand coverage to prevent encountering with the skin.

• More stitching in a new shape that makes the grip even more resistant.

• Ultra-resistant welded carbon steel buckle, approved in the tensile test.