Riixo Calf Cuffs

By Riixo


Wearable Cryotherapy - "A Gamechanger"  Recovery on the run. For those who: Don't ever stop.

Ice, Heat and Compression

  • Reduce DOMS
  • Treat shin splints
  • Ease tight calves
  • Reduce Achilles pain
  • Faster recovery after running

The Riixo Recovery Calf cuffs are a seamless calf cuff that provides 360-degree compression to your lower leg. This helps to improve your recovery through the removal of lactic acid, reducing muscle soreness and DOMS.

What makes our Calf Cuffs different is the Gel inside. The Riixo Recovery calf cuffs can be frozen or heated up. The ice is designed to help with muscle recovery after a hard session or competition and how they were used by the GB Squad at the Tokyo Olympics.

Heating them means you can use them as part of your warm-up routine or if you choose, the day after a hard session to reduce muscle soreness.

These highly versatile, award-winning calf cuffs mean that you can design your recovery protocol. There are no electrical components and no interchangeable parts so you can take them with you where ever you go.