Rehband X-RX Lifting Straps

By Rehband

The X-RX Lifting Straps by Rehband assist grip strength during workouts with heavy weights or when grip strength may be an issue. The pulling aids relieve the forearms and ensure maximum grip during heavy lifts, deadlifting, rowing, pull-ups and other pulling exercises. Made of extra strong cotton fabric with reinforced seams and a sewn edge to prevent fraying, these pulling straps are very durable and comfortable to wear. Features an integrated, soft padding on the inside portion of the strap that contacts the skin to protect from cuts in the skin and for extra comfort.


  • One size
  • Sold in pairs
  • Length: 56cm (22in)
  • Width: 4cm (1.5in)
  • Single closed loop design
  • Integrated soft padding for comfort
  • Sewn edge to prevent fraying


  • Assists grip during heavy lifts or when grip strength may be an issue

Please note that while X-Rx Lifting straps are designed to sustain regular heavyweight, high intensity use, it’s still always wise to inspect both straps carefully for any wear and tear before attempting a lift.