Blonyx Multivit+

By Blonyx

Training athletes require a higher intake of vitamins and minerals (macronutrients) to support muscle health, growth, adaptation and function. While it is possible to get all required macronutrients from eating a high-quality, well balanced diet, we understand there are going to be days where this doesn’t happen. 

We created Multivit+ to be a well-designed, whole food insurance policy, to make sure your performance doesn’t suffer when you can’t eat as well as you’d like.

Multivit+ provides all vitamins and minerals at solid RDAs to top up what you’re already getting from the diet. All micronutrients come from natural, whole food sources and we use a veggie capsule to keep Multivit+ in-line with the way athletes should be eating. 

Take two capsules once daily. Multivit+ can be taken with other Blonyx supplements with no negative interactions. Keep the bottle by your toothbrush!