Blonyx Hydra+ - Mango & Passionfruit

By Blonyx

Contrary to popular belief, you perform at your best when you are between 0-2% dehydrated. In addition there is little need to replace the sodium lost in sweat as it has minimal impact, and blood sodium increases as we dehydrate.

Understanding the latest research this way has enabled us to create Hydra+, a versatile, real food based hydration drink mix developed to help you maintain 0-2% dehydration when training. 

Hydra+ contains lower levels of sodium and carbohydrate to create a hypotonic drink focused on driving water into the system at the right speed at the right time.


  • Electrolytes and carbs provided by real food ingredients like coconut water, mango, passionfruit and sea salt (you can imagine how that tastes!)
  • Additional electrolytes and a little organic cane sugar to maintain a healthy fluid, electrolyte and nutrient balance
  • No artificial sweeteners or unnecessary additives
  • It’s versatile, and can be mixed to get more water into the system, or to prioritize electrolytes and energy



If your training is going to be high intensity and short in duration (~1h):

Mix 1 scoop with ~8oz water and sip through training or drink to thirst. This will prioritize electrolyte and energy replacement for faster recovery.


If your training is going to be lower intensity but for longer duration (~2h+) and/or in the heat:

Mix 1 scoop with 16oz water for each hour of training, sip throughout and always drink to thirst.



The real fruit particles in Hydra+ may float to the top after mixing. This is normal.

Just 35 calories per scoop.