This month's Box of the Month is CrossFit Tewkesbury. We caught up with Head Coach and Owner (and all-round nice guy!), Shortz, to find out more.



KB: Why did you decide to open CrossFit Tewkesbury?

It was something I had been thinking about for years. I was going through a bit of a rough patch in life, with many things changing - and felt like then was as good as any time.

With my lifestyle and living situation changing anyway, it was time to jump, time to take the risk, time to do something for me that I had dreamt of for a long time.

I wanted to own a box to help people enjoy fitness. Everyone should be healthy and everyone should be the best version of themselves and I wanted to lead people into that journey so they could learn and fall in love with fitness too, the same way I did.


What do you love most about your box?

The people (I know, cliché!) - but that's what makes every box a special place to train.

It's the bonds you make. I've trained at many affiliates, all over the world and we have that same charisma that I see everywhere. I really enjoy the programming side of things so like to think that this is something that is particularly enjoyable when training with us.  


What have been the highlights since you opened?

The highlights for me are daily and it's little things that the athletes usually don't notice. Things like someone instinctively power cleaning a bar to pick it up, when 2 months ago they didn't even know what a Power Clean was. Or when someone hits a legit full depth squat, after years of mobility issues - seeing their dedication and hard work pay off.


What's your coaching philosophy?

I like to see good movement. I judge a lot so really encourage getting the reps right the first time, and usually good technique leaves no room for no reps.

If you watch Froning, for example, he moves so well, doesn't rush, doesn't jeopardise form too much for speed. He sticks to his good form and becomes incredibly efficient because of it.


What are your members like?

Crazy!!! Genuinely caring people. Hardworking (a little chatty sometimes) - but they always graft.

They put in a shift even if they have had a long day.


What happens in a typical class at CrossFit Tewkesbury?

A typical class involves:

  • Group Warm Up
  • Mobility Piece
  • Focus: Strength, Skill or Accessory
  • WOD
  • Mobility Piece 



What does the future hold for you guys?

We are growing! Going from strength to strength - so possibly a new location and will definitely have some incredibly strong athletes by then.


And finally, anything else before we go?

We always love meeting new people - so if you are in the area then drop in and hit a WOD with us!

November 23, 2016 — KITBOX [ ]


Emma H said:

Shortz is a fantastic coach. I don’t think any of us would’ve gotten as far without his hard work and dedication. Thank you Shortz!!!

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