Our Box of the Month this month is CrossFit Fort Ashton. Check out our interview with Head Coach, Dan Bond, to learn more:



KB: Why did you decide to open your box?

Myself and a local commercial gym owner opened the box together. I was teaching classes at his gym such as kettlebells, circuits, etc - and he approached me about the idea. I was a full time coach at another local box and was slightly apprehensive, yet intrigued, about running my own place.


What makes CrossFit Fort Ashton so special?

Our box is in full time operation. We open at 6am and close our doors at 10pm (8-4 on weekends).

We feel we provide the best value in a very competitive city, Bristol. We opened our doors with 100+ members and have almost doubled in 18 months.


What have been the highlights since you opened?

So many.... For me as a coach, seeing how far everyone has come.

As a box, recently qualifying for Strength in Depth 2016 was definitely up there.


What's your coaching philosophy?

Virtuosity. Doing the common uncommonly well. I'm also a big fan of test & retest. Building the foundations before all the fancy stuff has to be up there, too.


What are your members like?

Such a diverse group. We have doctors, students, tradesmen, kids aged 5, members in their 50s. But above all, they're all bad ass and awesome.


What happens in a typical day at CrossFit Fort Ashton?

First we introduce the class to the day's programming. We take them through a general/specific warm up, before moving onto the strength and skill work. This will be followed by some form of met-con or EMOM. After that, it's onto the high 5s and the stretch/cool down. ✋🏼  


What does the future hold for you guys?

Hopefully a second box across the city. Our unit is already fairly big - so a bigger one may not be the best option.


You can find CrossFit Fort Ashton on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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