Our Box of the Month this month is CrossFit Coventry. We spoke to the owner, and head coach, Ryan Wells to find out more about why they were nominated. 👊🏼



KB: Why did you decide to open your box?

RW: We opened in May 2013, just after I'd left the Marines. I decided I wanted to open a box when I discovered the sport in Afghanistan a few years earlier. Some US marines told me all about it when they saw me using kettlebells and doing tyre flips on base.

Luckily, my Dad owns a farm and I managed to get planning and build my own gym on the land. Me and my Dad built the gym from scratch, right down to laying the sewage pipes. It took us about 6 months.


What makes CrossFit Coventry so special?

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's the only affiliate on a farm.

In the summer it's pretty cool to be doing a WOD and run past horses and cows in the fields, rather than being on an industrial estate.


What have been the highlights since you opened?

I think our throwdowns are always the highlights.

We do an individual comp every summer, and a pairs comp every winter. Our Christmas party is always one to look forward to as well, it gets pretty messy!


What's your coaching philosophy?

I try to keep it simple. I don't like to over complicate stuff with crazy programming. Constantly varied but classic.

I expose my athletes to new movements and different techniques, but I always just try to stick to the basics. I also put a lot of emphasis on what they can do outside the box, like good nutrition and mobility work.


What are your members like?

Obviously they are the best! Haha!

We have a very tight knit community, with regular socials and a great atmosphere in the gym. They are all quite competitive, because of the way I coach them.

Being an ex-marine, I don't tend to use the softly softly approach - and I think that shows in them. They are always willing to give me everything they have during a workout, because they know that's what I want from them. They always impress the hell out of me with their level of commitment.


What happens in a typical day at CrossFit Coventry?

Our classes are typical to what you find in most boxes. Usually a warm up followed by a strength or skill session. We then dive into a WOD, and finish with a cool down.

I always have a power lifting or Olympic lifting cycle running, which will take place on a specific day. This takes up the whole class - so no met con after. I keep this up on a separate whiteboard, so my athletes who are always in on different days can still complete the session in open gym. This means I know I have them on a structured cycle, and can track their progress.


What does the future hold for you guys?


I'm hoping a lot like it is now. With all my members still here, but a hell of a lot fitter and with a lot of new faces - who are just as awesome and committed as my current athletes.

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