For the coffee lovers among us, we've just added an awesome new product to our online store you're going to love.

TrueStart are the brand behind the world's first coffee designed especially for sports performance. A natural pre-workout, it can be used before a WOD to improve performance - and now you can get all the benefits, in a bar.

The TrueStart Hero Bar delivers a natural caffeine boost - even when you can't get to a kettle. Another first, the bars put the power of TrueStart Performance Coffee in your pocket. It contains 100% natural ingredients, and the dosage of caffeine is controlled - giving you all the power, with no crash or jitters.

In addition to the coffee, the bars contain gluten-free oats, seeds and nuts, are held together with coconut oil and agave nectar, and available in the following flavours:


Want to learn more? We caught up with the TrueStart team to find out why the new bars are the ideal pre-workout snack:

1. Caffeine gets you focused

The coffee found in TrueStart's hero caffeine bars is a natural source of caffeine, which has been shown to improve attentiveness and cognition, both during and after exercise. If you find it hard to maintain focus during a workout, this is for you!

2. It helps you train harder, for longer

When you consume caffeine before a workout, you'll be able to push yourself harder, as caffeine reduces the level of perceived exertion. You'll feel like you have more in the tank, which will help you keep going for longer. 

3. Caffeine can help you recover faster

As you know, we're all about the recovery. Eating a TrueStart Hero Caffeine Bar post-workout can increase the rate at which your muscles absorb glycogen, helping you recover faster and get back in the box sooner!

4. They taste awesome! 

You need fuel before you train - and the TrueStart bars taste pretty incredible. With four flavours to choose from, and all-natural ingredients, you really can't go wrong. Fancy giving them a try for yourself? Check them out below:


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