It’s almost game time!  In little under a week the best of the best will be throwing down in Carson for the coveted 'Fittest on Earth' title.

It’s been a gruelling season so far, with plenty of surprises along the way. The 2015 California regionals winners Dan Bailey and Brook Ence both failed to qualify but Josh Bridges came back with a bang after missing out last year.



Will Sam Briggs Make It?

This has been the biggest question on everyone’s lips over the past two weeks. Sam posted a plea on social media, asking for help from the community to get her to the Games following a visa predicament:


I am writing this post hoping that someone in the CrossFit community can help me ... I have run into a problem with the processing of my visa at the U.S. Embassy in London and unfortunately, it will not be adjudicated in time for me to enter the United States to participate in the CrossFit Games this year. I am looking for assistance with Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) with granting me permission under parole in a limited capacity to come to the United States for the sole purpose of participating in the CrossFit Games. I have gone through all of the proper immigration channels, and this how now become an emergency situation for me and I ask that you please assist me with this matter. I understand that this is an extreme request, and I assure that it is not taken lightly. I just hope that someone in the CrossFit community is able to assist me. If you have any questions or seek additional information, please feel free to contact law firm Guerra & Johnson, P.C., at and/or Or private message me ... Any help and assistance will be greatly appreciated 💪🏻

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She followed this up a couple of days later, to say her legal team were working hard to resolve the issue. We’ve yet to find out whether she’ll make it across the pond - so let’s all keep our fingers crossed for good news.

After a 4th place finish last year, we’ve no doubt Sam will be pushing all the way to be re-crowned the fittest woman in the world.


The Workouts

What can we tell you about the workouts? Right now, not much! So far, only the Masters and Teens events have been announced - which you can find on the CrossFit Games website.

Dave Castro teased us when he took to social media on the 4th July, to announce that “Murph” will be making a return. The following day, we saw an image with six vests - suggesting it could include the teams too.  The speculation and guessing games have been rife ever since, and it won’t be long until we know for certain.

Whatever they are, they’re bound to make good viewing. These athletes are the cream of the crop, and the CrossFit Games is designed to put them through their paces - so the WODs aren’t to be taken lightly!


How to Watch

As always, the CrossFit Games will be streamed live on the CrossFit Games website across the weekend.

It all kicks off on Tuesday (19th July), with the Teens and the Masters. The events will begin at 9am LA time, which translates to 5pm in the UK, and finishes at 6pm (2am BST).

On Friday 22nd July, the Teams and Individuals will officially take to the stage. Again, all events will start at 5pm UK time, and will continue into the early hours. The final will take place on Sunday 24th July.

For the past few years, a “surprise” workout has been announced for the Wednesday or Thursday. We’ve yet to find out whether to expect an early workout this year - what do you all think?

Who to Watch

Here in the UK, all eyes will be on Sam Briggs as she pushes to gain her 2nd victory. But she isn’t the only Brit to be going to the Games this year!

In the team event, make sure you’re looking out for:

  • David Shorunke (Nordic OPEX)

  • Antony Monks (CrossFit Yas)

  • Elliot Simmonds (CrossFit Yas)

  • Sabine Whitfield (CrossFit Yas)


Games weekend is always the best time to embrace the community spirit. Plan a BBQ with your training buddies, get your WOD on, then crack open a beer and watch how the top athletes do it! Enjoy.

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Don’t forget about Scott Jenkins in the Masters category

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