Hands up, who has fun and games trying to get jeans that fit? If you've had that all too familiar experience of going shopping, only to find that modern denim just isn't designed for anyone who squat, we've got some good news!
We've just added UK-based company, Olympvs Denim to our line up, and they offer a whole range of quad-friendly, athletic fit jeans. BOOM!
Athleisure might be a growing trend and, whilst your favourite track pants might be super comfortable, wearing "normal" clothes is often more acceptable in those rare social situations away from the gym!
Olympvs has designed a range of high performance casual wear for athletes. Unique tailoring, and technical stretch fabrics, mean you no longer have to size up - or spill out - of your clothes.
They are all designed in the UK, and manufactured in Italty - and Olympvs only work with manufacturing partners that pay workers a fair wage, and keep their impact on the environment to a minimum.
So, it's fair to say these guys are ticking all the boxes!
Whether you're hitting your cycle commute, or rushing to the bar for that well-earned post-work drink, Olympvs' hand crafted jeans perform all day - for optimum freedom and comfort.
Well Built Style described these jeans as: "the most comfortable pair of denim jeans I have ever worn."
Quite a bold statement? But we wholeheartedly agree!
Ready to upgrade your denim? Check them out here.