Our brand of the month for October is Inov8 - one of the world's leading footwear brands for functional fitness.

Founded in 2003, Inov8 now sell their footwear in over 60 countries, specialising in creating specialised footwear for a variety of sports - from fell running to functional fitness.

All of their shoes are created with one thing in mind: the needs of the athlete, and their interaction with the environment around them. The foot should always control the shoe - not the other way round.

This dedication to product innovation is, in our eyes, what makes their footwear stand out from the crowd. 


The All Train 215

If you're already an Inov8 fan, we have some exciting news! The All Train 215 wasn't supposed to be available until 2017 - but we've got our hands on an early release - so you don't have to wait.

The All Train 215 is the perfect addition to your training kit - plugging the gap between your lifting shoes and WOD shoes, for when you need something a little faster.

It's been designed especially for fast-paced workouts - think speed work, plyometrics or anything where you need a little more agility. The shoe is more flexible and responsive than footwear designed for lifting, allowing you to move faster when you need to - unrestricted by your footwear.

The shoe features a sticky rubber outsole in key areas, improving the grip and providing stability during quick movements. 

Sound good? We have two colours available for you to choose from - both available exclusively in Europe on Kitbox. Check them out below:


The Full Inov8 Range

As well as the new All Train 215s, we also stock the following:

  • Inov8 250: designed to handle every WOD - from weightlifting to box jumps, from sprints to rope work.
  • Inov8 235: a lightweight, high-performance shoe designed for use inside or outside the box.
  • Inov8 Fastlifts: a stable and supportive weightlifting shoe, flexible enough to WOD in.

Want to know what our customers think? Here are some of their recent reviews:


Want to know more? We recently collaborated with Form Leeds to put the Inov8 range to the test with some of their members. Click here to find out the results.


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Ready to learn more about Inov8 for yourself? Learn more about the full range:



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