Last weekend, our friend and Kitbox ambassador Stuart Trees flew out to Tenerife to take part in Canarias Gone Bad, alongside his Team Kratos training partner, Mike Catris. They did the UK proud, bringing home first place in the competition, as well as scoping out the latest competition to create some buzz on the European scene. Find out more about the event, straight from Stuart himself:

I'm sitting here on my flight home, with a full row of seats all to myself & my first cup of tea (it's not Yorkshire tea but it'll do) - in what seems like a lifetime, I feel it's the perfect opportunity to reflect on a successful weekend, not just for myself or Team Kratos, but for the community in Tenerife. They have the blue print for creating something truly amazing & I look forward to seeing it develop.


What were your goals for the weekend? 

After having such a successful year with Team Kratos - both as a pair & teamed up with the girls - I think I'd be lying if I said we didn't go into a competition with the idea of a podium spot in the back of our minds. That said, for me, I just want to go & have fun, take on some challenging workouts & meet some cool new people. Competing in the sunshine & winning is just a huge bonus!


How did you prepare?

I didn't do anything special to prepare. We've competed together many times throughout this year and work well as a team - so I just concentrate on sticking to my training program as much as possible. Regular competitions can upset your program and progress, so I feel it's important to train as normal as possible right up to the event.

I worked on Wednesday night & flew out Thursday afternoon, so I used those as rest days rather than stressing about trying to get some training in. On Friday, we went along to check out the venue and blew out some cobwebs with a couple of hours in the gym.


What was your highlight of the weekend?

Obviously, with my background, the pool events were great fun; it's not often the facilities are available for the program to be so creative.

I have to add, the programming as a whole was great. Javier & his team weren't scared of higher skilled movements and heavier weights. This bodes well for future events and will help them attract a high caliber of teams.

Whilst at the Aqua park on Monday, we commented on how you can tell a competition is well programmed when the athletes aren't broken the next day. Yes, we were sore - but could have all trained and functioned normally.

I feel competition organisers are often trying to go bigger & better with programming, but without considering what it is they're trying to test. Instead, they often use similar movements continually, which just ends up breaking the athletes down.


What was the most challenging part of the weekend?

Many would think the language barrier, as we were the only English speaking team, but all the guys at Tenerife Top Training were extremely supportive - they looked after our every need.

The Spanish are very laid back people - I'm sure we've all heard the term mañana. Well, I was informed that in Tenerife it's more like mañana, mañana, mañana! So, whilst the competition ran to schedule, there was a lot of down time programmed in between the events - this is very different from competing in the UK.

It was important to adapt to this as soon as possible, and just use that time to relax and get to know the other athletes, rather than stress over what you can't control.



What are your competition essentials?

I tend not to eat much food between events, as my appetite isn't huge on competition days. I ensure I have a large breakfast, and then have loads of snacks on hand. Having a shaker of Kratos Fuel/Recovery for before and after the WODs is a must.

I feel it's important you pack your kitbag within plenty of time, as it's important to take everything you think you may need. I remember one time, driving over the Pennines for a competition when I realised I was driving in my flip-flops & hadn't packed any trainers! Thankfully, all round nice guy and UK superstar Steven Fawcett was only too happy to bring me a pair of Inov8s & saved my weekend.

I never go anywhere without my Rehband knee sleeves, and always take plenty of tape & Inbitz handcare products - just incase I need to carry out any running repairs!


What did you think of the competition?

I think it was a great competition that will become a must on the European calendar. Javi, Carolina & the team at CrossFit Survive obviously put in a lot of thought and hard work into the planning, and running, of the event.

Roberto, the owner of Tenerife Top Training, along with Greg, Holger & the rest of the staff run a world class facility, which is due to include a CrossFit box before the year is out. You can see why top sports teams from around the world use their facilities for training camps.


Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of taking part?

If you are thinking of heading out next year, my advice would be keep an eye out on social media. Book your trip ASAP, as it will sell out fast!

Also, keep an eye out for training opportunities. Once the box opens at T3 in November, they will be running training holidays for affiliates. Perfect if you want to get away for some training, as a team in the sunshine during the winter months. I know Team Kratos will be making the most of this in the future.


What's next for you and Team Kratos?

It's a pretty busy period for both myself & Team Kratos. Next up is the Rainhill Trials, where myself & Mike will be going head to head - alongside the Irish hero Barry Mairs - in what is promising to provide the winner with at least 6 months of banter!

Following that, the next weekend we have Rep It Out UK, which will see Team Kratos reunited before we go solo at Battle of the Beasts at the end of the month. Sandwiched somewhere within that lot, I also have a Lifting League match. My team from CrossFit West Yorkshire won the Northern Lifting League in August, going undefeated in the process. The next stage sees us up against Essex Weightlifting Club, who came through their respective league as champions.

We are looking to hold the match on the 17th October at CrossFit Deviant in Derby - if our Razorstorm team tights come in time!

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