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About Unbroken Designs

Unbroken Designs started in 2010, founded by friends Jennifer Rando and Kat Leone. These athletes, hailing from CrossFit LOVE and Paradiso CrossFit respectively, wanted to take their love for the sport to the next level - and so Unbroken Designs was born!

Their aim was to create wearable jewellery and fitness accessories, that both look awesome and fuse fashion with fitness, enabling their customers to find functional products that compliment their lifestyle - inside and outside the box.

Unbroken Design's products have been worn by CrossFit Games athletes, so you can feel confident you're getting only the best quality products. Many have also been certified for use in weightlifting competitions - check the individual product descriptions for more information.


The Products

We're excited to unleash some of Unbroken Design's products on the UK community - here are just some of their products you'll now be able to find in the KITBOX online store:

Weightlifting Belts 

A weightlifting belt is an essential for your training bag. When used correctly, they provide a range of benefits - from reducing stress on your spine, to helping you shift more weight - but who said they have to be boring?

Unbroken Designs have created a fun and stylish range of weightlifting belts, with help from some of the sport's well-known athletes, such as Christmas Abbott.

Here are some of the designs now available in our online store:

Weightlifting Belt
By Christmas Abbott
Weightlifting Belt
Animal Print
Weightlifting Belt
Stars and Stripes



Jewellery isn't something you'd usually associate with WODs, but Unbroken Designs are changing all that.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a training buddy, or maybe something that showcases your own individuality, check out this awesome range of products:



Knee Sleeves

Knee Sleeves are another gym bag essential, and help to keep your joints warm and supported whilst you're lifting. Unbroken Design's collection of knee sleeves add variety and colour to your workout wardrobe, ensuring you stand out while you WOD!


Flower Power
Knee Sleeves
Greyed Flag
Knee Sleeves


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