The Wild West event took place last month at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern. This year's competition didn't disappoint - it was a fun weakend for everyone involved: competitors, spectators and vendors. We caught up with one of our ambassadors, Joe Cowen, to find out what it was like to compete there:

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KITBOX: Wild West is a team event. Could you tell us a bit more about the rest of your team?

JOE: My team was similar to last year's, with only one new member, Fiona Harris. Fiona is Sean Downs' partner and did a great job on the team for the first time! I've always been on the same team as Sean - we work together really well! Fiona and Sean are both members of Train Manchester, but they try to train with us at CrossFit Napalm as much as possible. The second female on the team was Hayley Evans, who kicked ass like she always does!

What were your goals for the weekend?

Our main goal for the weekend was to beat last year's position, which I think was 11th place. As is sometimes the case, this didn't quite go to plan!

 Our team wasn't the fittest by far, so we rely on our team work and great chemistry to get us through. This year, the workouts weren't all structured like a typical team workouts, but consisted of individual relays. This meant the team with the weakest individuals got left behind. As we've always relied upon team work as one of our greatest strengths, this meant we didn't beat our previous place.

How did you prepare?

We didn't prepare as a team too well before this year's Wild West, but I don't think this affected us too much due to the structure of the workouts. 

What are your competition essentials?

Food. Having quality food is a must when competing, and I'm lucky enough to have my meals prepared for me by Julie Walters (a friend's mum at our box) - they are delicious! Staying hydrated is important too!

As soppy as it sounds, the support I get from my girlfriend and the crazy Napalm Nation is enough to keep anyone pushing 110% all the way - no matter how much the workouts suck!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

My favourite event had to be the OHS 3 rep max. Lifting events get the crowd going, and it's an excuse for me to take more pre-workout... As you know I'm a pre-workout junkie!

I had a little stumble with 110kg so only got 2 reps, but I knew I could do it so decided to go for 112.5... and nailed it!

What was your least favourite event?

I thought the final workout was boring! I always think finals should be exciting, and get the crowd going, but it was just another individual relay ladder. Plus, everyone wants to see a muscle up in the final!

What did you think of the weekend overall?

The weekend was awesome! We had loads of CrossFit Napalm teams and support there. The weather was great and so is the venue. As I've mentioned, the only thing that would make it better would be to have more team workouts.

How did you feel about your performance?

I couldn't be happier with my team. Yes, we didn't beat last years place, but we all gave 100% and never gave up, so I couldn't ask for any more ! THANKS GUYS :)

Will you be back next year?

HELL YEAH! I love the sport and the community, and Wild West is one of the best run comps around! You can't always get the WODs you want, but I just hope next year is a little more team-orientated.

Do you have any advice for those thinking about taking part next year?

Don't think, just do it! Compete with your friends and enjoy it. You never know you could beat us ;-)

What's next for you?

My next competition is the European Inferno with Sean Downs. After that it's Tribal Clash, so I've got a busy month ahead!

Anything Else?

Remember, pre-workout makes everything better. Don't take it after 8pm though, you will regret it!

Who else competed at Wild West this year? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

August 06, 2015 — Joe Cowen
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