Q1. What's the difference between HD and OG?

HD has a wider wrist support and wider hand coverage. Our OG design has a thinner wrist support and more minimalist hand coverage, designed to fit the human hand. Which is better? That's purely personal preference, generally speaking bigger athletes tend to prefer the HD.

Q2. Should I chalk these?

We highly recommend using without chalk, although you can still use them with chalked bars (they'll still perform the same as your typical carbon fibre/diamond fibre grip) BUT they are WAY better without. It's essentially this, if you've felt how good they can be, why would you want anything different? Keeping them clean after or before a session only takes a small wipe down with a wet cloth (or sweaty armpit, gross but effective). Most of the time if you wipe the bars they're used on they won't themselves even require any kind of wipe down or after care. If they ever feel slippery-er it probably means they're due a clean or the spot you're grabbing on the pull up bar is caked with chalk. An easy fix with our micro-towel included in your grip bag.

Chalking the back of the grips is 100% fine, same with chalking your hands for barbells etc, they're not that sensitive.

Q3. What pull up bars do these do best with?

Almost every pull up bar out there, except speal bars/zinc coatedIt's mixed reviews but generally speaking cleaned down bare steel bars as a whole are okay, it's the speal bars where they don't perform as well. That being said when we say not as well, we mean how they would be on other bars. They may still perform better than you current grips. But we would still recommend our base and fibre grips for Speal bars instead.

Do not use with taped bars, doing so will void your warranty


Q4. Should I go a size up for fingerless?

Depending on how you grip the bar potentially yes. However you do not need to have a lot of excess hanging over the bar like you might see some athletes do. Especially with how grippy these are, it just comes down to preference. We do not recommend sizing more than one size up as it increases the risk of getting grip locked on the bar. Sizing correctly will also reduce any discomfort caused by grip lock.

Q5. What's the difference between Base Grips and Elite Grips?

Base is our original grip which uses a classical synthetic leather with a carbon fibre surface, they're high performing and useable with chalk or without chalk. But generally better with chalked bar for most. Our Elite Grips are our specialised rubber surface which has a "omg game changer" grip surface and are chalk free. 

Q6. Should I go fingerless or fingerholes?

One way you can decide is how you grab the pull up bar. Thumbs around, fingerhole may be better, Thumbs over, fingerless may be better. But it does come down to personal preference. Fingerholes also offer other options such as to be used on KB's or on a barbell as needed. It's also worth noting you do not necessarily need to put your fingers all the way in the fingerholes, and just the tips or half a finger will often give you more of a dowel effect to lock onto the bar with. Again test and trial and see what works best for you.

Q7. Are there any adjustments needed when using these grips? 

The main differences is remembering to open the hand to let go instead of sliding off the bar, 'with great grip comes great responsibility' and it's important that you remember that, what keeps you locked onto the bar is also what will stop you coming off. So a couple of things to consider:

- Always use first in a warm up setting or a skill setting first, before jumping into a workout.

- Practice letting go vs sliding off, it's a small adjustment and won't take long to feel natural

- When performing movements such as muscle ups you will need to learn to relax/open your hands at the top. Thumbs around athletes, we would recommend using finger holes or practicing not pushing your knuckles so far over the bar. Again practice first before completing in a workout under fatigue. Again small adjustments that will make the movement a lot more comfortable.

These grips will transform all of your gymnastics movements, but may need time to adjust if you're not use to just how grippy they are.

Q8. Will they wear down over time?

Yes, just like tyres on a road, the friction from the grip will wear them down over time. We're constantly improving this longevity, but how long will depend on a ton of factors. Our expected life span would be between 5-18 months depending on usage. But again many things can affect this from volume, size of the athlete, bar types used, conditions, care, technique, types of movements and so on. All grips come with a 5 month warranty*

Q9. What about in competition where the bars are all chalked up?

Simple, wipe them down. It takes literally 15 seconds, dampen one end of your towel and wipe the sections you require, then dry with the other side, test with a grab of your hand to ensure it's dry. If you're in a team that requires chalk, keep their hand prints chalked and yours cleaned. If the bars are long generally there will people using the same chalked portions of the bar so simply move to one side and you'll be off and away Frog Maverick.

 Q10. How can I wash these?

We recommend a hand wash with warm water and small amount of detergent diluted. Be sure to cover the velcro with the strap. Do not machine wash

Note: Even though our cut of the Kevlar is much smoother than other grips you'll see out there, some fraying out the sides is expected.