Puori are experts in high-quality supplements for both performance and health, supporting some of CrossFit's top athletes.

The Puori range at KITBOX includes Vitamin D3, which has been blended with organic coconut oil for maximum absorption, and O3, a premium-grade omega-3 oil which is essential for reducing inflammation in functional athletes.

For all out recovery, there's Puori M3, and we're pleased to offer the new SB3 Synbiotics pack, G3 greens &  new to PurePharma for 2015.

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Supplements - Puori O3 120 Capsules
Supplements - Puori M3 120 Capsules
Supplements - Puori D3 120 Capsules
Puori-3 30 sachets
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Puori CP1 - Pure Collagen Peptides
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Puori CP2 - Collagen Peptides & Active Whey Protein
Supplements - Puori SB3 30 Sticks
Supplements - Puori C3 - 20 Tablets
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Puori V Multi Vitamin & Minerals
Puori B12 Berry Booster
Puori Plant Protein Booster
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