This month's Box of the Month is Boar City CrossFit. Here's our interview with the owner and head coach, Tim Hook.



How did Boar City come about?

I found the sport in Newcastle while at uni and in the forces. I'm so glad I was dragged along to Reebok CrossFit Tyneside - at its old haunt under the arches. I've met a lot of the community on my travels, and Jordan Wallace and Paul Warrior are still the finest you will meet. They were a huge part of early days and have helped me no end in setting up my own place. Their continued support and friendship is awesome and a huge help.

After leaving the Army, I decided I wanted to coach or train others. Opening a box was a dream.

About a year of trying to deal with landlord's, councils, planning departments and even more landlords it has finally come together.

My main reason for starting a box was to develop a community of all sorts of different people that wanted to turn the music up and get after it together, not stick their headphones on and half arse a treadmill while watching the shopping channel!


What do you love most about your box?

I'm proud that Boar City CrossFit just does CrossFit. It may not be the most sensible business plan but I believe in the methodology and don't want to confuse and pollute it with other classes. Don't get me wrong, anything that gets people up and moving is awesome and I'm stoked for people that make that life choice.

However, I believe in the way the sport operates and I have bought into the "cult". Boar City will be a CrossFit box and stand by the principles of the methodology first and then the sport.


What have been the highlights since Boar City opened?

The highlights for me have been simple. Normal people of all shapes and sizes, walking through the doors and giving it a go. It's inspiring seeing people work so hard when they could easily just go home and lay on the sofa.

(And of course, he founding member James getting a ring muscle up out of nowhere!)

What's your coaching philosophy?

My philosophy while coaching is made up of three things: trust, transparency and knowing your members.

You need to be able to trust the client and visa versa. It’s all about community. I believe the stronger the community, the stronger the box will become and the stronger the athlete will become. The members must be able to trust their coach to programme for them and make sure they are safe and moving correctly before throwing intensity and weight at them.

I think being transparent as a coach is also important. I'm under no illusions, I won't ever be going to The Games!!! I may not be able to do everything you see the elite of our sport do YET. But we all work hard to achieve our goals. I like to think we are all on a "journey" together and I have opened his space for people to have a cracking at that and help them along the way.

Finally, it's vital we know our members. It gets emotional, people have lives outside the box. Sometimes people are performing 100% and that doesn't mean they are sandbagging it. I think it's super important to listen to the members, take time to see how life is going and have some craic. Training wise, knowledge about where the athlete is in their development means you can advise them on what sort of movement or weight they should use it he workout.

Long answer - but it fires me up!

What are your members like?

The members at Boar City CrossFit are champions. I've always thought that is not easy to get off the sofa or come down after a long day at work and hurl yourself into the pain cave everyday. They all do so with all they have and a smile on their face which is awesome!!

What happens in a typical day at Boar City CrossFit?

A typical class at Boar City normally starts with the guys coming in and catching up while they foam roll or do their own mobility stuff while catching up.

We then do a warm with some movement specific stuff in there.

We then move on to a lift or skill movement before everyone gets a spade and digs a hole in the WOD!

And finally, what does the future hold for you guys?

Affiliate Cup Winners at the Games!

Lol jk.

I see the box in 5/10 in a solid position with a base of long term members who are improving everyday and enjoying training.

Possibly into a second space ;)

Anything else before we go?

Just want to say everyday I'm impressed by the coaching and performance I see on social media and in person - from all Affiliates around the UK. The UK community is strong!


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