This month's Box of the Month is CrossFit CW1, in Crewe. We caught up with Adella Williamson, one of the owners, to find out more about the box and it's members.


KB: Hey guys! Tell us a bit more about CW1 CrossFit...

CW1: We opened CW1 CrossFit on the 16th June 2014. It wasn't an easy ride from the decision to the 1 year anniversary. Finding a unit was the hardest part - as most box owners will know. We finally found a unit on Underwood Lane Business Park, and the building work took 3 months to complete.

We had to have a new ceiling, toilet, kitchen and office fitted. Craig was finishing his contract out in Iraq at the time, and Skype was our only form of communication. He returned 2 weeks before opening - then it was all hands on deck to meet the deadline.

The first few months were quiet. Sometimes, we'd only have one member complete the WOD. At times, we hoped we'd made the right decision to take on such a big project. 

Today, we see our classes full with people on the waiting list. It has changed our lives.


KB: What made you decide to open the box?

Craig is an ex-commando, then a security officer. We often spent more family time apart, rather than together. So, after years of missing birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and Christmases, we decided it was time to make a change.

When Craig came to me one day, and said: "Let's open a CrossFit box!", I pretty much laughed in his face. My first reaction was that it was far too risky, and way above my capability. Business had never been by strong point.

However, I knew his passion and knowledge for the sport couldn't be ignored. The rest is history!


KB: What makes your box so special?

We go to work everyday to a job that we love, which few people can say. We're honoured to own CW1 CrossFit. The atmosphere and community it's created is something to be proud of.


KB: What have been the highlights since you opened?

There are too many to name individually! Every box owner will remember that moment when you realise: "This is going to be success!", and the risk you took was worth taking. 

When you get that member who goes out of their way to tell you how much they are loving their experience, and how it's changed their life. That means so much.

A big highlight of 2015 was reaching our 1 year anniversary. we threw a big party and it was great to see everyone come together and celebrate the milestone with us.


KB: What’s your coaching philosophy?

We believe it's like most of the other affiliates out there:

"We take our training seriously, but have fun whilst doing it!"


KB: What are your members like?

We say running a box is like a youth club for adults! It's not just about the training - it's so much more. The member are those who make it what it is. We have created a community of amazing individuals - all very different and unique in their own way.

Many relationships have been formed at CW1 - life-long friendships and partnerships. We are very lucky.


KB: What happens in a typical day/class?

Our shutter doors open daily at 6am, we have the typical Dawn Raiders, after school run crew and evening attendees! A brief is given consisting of the warm up, skill/strength and WOD (which normally has to be explained to those who were half asleep or chatting!).

We focus strongly on the skill/strength element to perfect technique, and help the athletes achieve their PRs. Who doesn't love ringing the bell?!

The WOD is the fun part! High fives all round are an important aspect - but not as important as those cheers for the last to finish! Not forgetting the chin wags whilst foam rolling, the laughs over coffee and the words of encouragement under a barbell.


KB: What does the future hold? Where do you see your box in 5-10 years?

We are only 18 months into our journey and we are so proud of the success so far. We want to continue making the box better and better... Who knows what the future holds after that?! The sport is growing by the day and we hope to grow with it.


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