Kitbox's newest ambassador has a slightly different athletic background to our other athletes. We are sure you'll be impressed by Daisy's strength & flexibility.

What is your sport?

My main sport is pole fitness. Three years ago I attended my first class and decided I wanted this to be my life. I started teaching after a year and have only recently started to properly train as I've had to spend time learning the foundations and qualifying to teach. Before pole I was a ballet dancer for the best part of twenty years with the Royal Academy and this heavily influences my dance style. I also dabble in contortion, aerial hoop and hand balancing. 

How often do you find time for pole?

I teach 4 evenings a week at my own pole school and a local school which helps keep my foundations strong. I am a retained firefighter so have my days free to train. Training for pole involves hand balancing, flexibility and contortion, strength and endurance training and of course actual on the pole work. I try to have Sundays off but most days I try to train at least one of the above ! 

What are your proudest achievements to date?

This year I competed for the first time. I won best flexibility in my first competition which I was extremely proud of. Being sponsored and made a brand ambassador of several companies is also a huge achievement for me as it means I'm heading in the right direction and that people like what I do. Setting up my own pole school was also something that has taken a lot of time and effort and I'm extremely proud to teach so many wonderful people and see them progress in skill and confidence. 

What are your goals for 2017?

Pole move goals 

  1. Rainbow marchenko
  2. Twisty grip deadlift
  3. Needle on my bad side !

I would really like to look back in a year and be comfortable with these 2 moves on the pole. One is an extreme strength move and the other extreme flexibility.  

Other goals 

I would love to have expanded my pole school. I am starting to properly learn aerial hoop and silks this year which I'm hoping could lead to more performance work. I'm unsure yet of whether I'll compete this year but I have lots of shows, photoshoots and videos planned.

What's your favourite pole move?

I love anything bendy and favour this over strength moves at the moment. Jade, Tito twist and high carousel are always good for my style and these get thrown into so many routines.

What's the best piece of advice you would give to others?

Focus on your own journey. It's far too easy to compare you're success and progress with other people. I'm completely guilty of this and all it does is make you feel worse about your achievements. No one is you and that is your power. 

Have you got any competitions planned next year?

Currently I'm not planning on competing next year but I may make a last minute decision! Most pole competitions have a video heat before the live final so instead of being able to train you spend a lot of time choreographing routines with the moves you're comfortable with instead of having the time to train new skills. My plans for next year are too improve overall ready to compete the following year.

What are your gym kit essentials?

  1. Decent foam roller and various balls to roll with 
  2. Resistance bands
  3. Knee pads for floor work
  4. Back warmer
  5. Decent warm up gear - leggings, tops, leg warmers, thick socks ! Stance are perfect ! 
  6. Gear to pole in ! Pretty sports bras and shorts 
  7. iPod ! 
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