Philip Thun Bisgaard is relatively new on the scene, and trains out of Trykkeriet - Crossfit Copenhagen. Find out more about him below...

How did you get into the sport?


It started a little over a 1.5 years ago. A long period of football had come to an end due to an injury, and I soon had to find a new way to get my fitness going. I accidentally found a video of Rich Froning and thought he looked badass, so I went to a class right away. The rest is history.


What are your proudest achievements to date?


I have not have a lot of time to achieve any big things yet, but I am definitely proud of my 58th Open finish place in the European Region.


What are your goals for 2016?


My goal for 2016 is to compete and train as an individual athlete. Long-term, I have Regionals 2017 in my mind at all times, but besides that I am very interested in competitions such as Battle of the Beast later in the year, and maybe The Athlete Games.


What's your favourite WOD/movement? 


My favourite WOD is DT! I love a barbell!


What's your least favourite WOD/movement?


I am not very good at longer workouts so 16.1 really pulled out my teeth. I have never felt worse than right after that workout, so that definitely takes the prize! 


What's the best piece of advice you have to give others?


Get a good program, and STICK TO IT! Trust the progress even though some days/things might seem indifferent.


Have you got any competitions planned this year?


I was very fond of last year's Battle of the Beasts - so that's definitely in my sights this year.


What are your gym kit essentials? 


My Anta Weightlifting shoes, Rehband Camo Knee sleeves, Stance socks and a big amount of clean t-shirts :)


Get some of Philip's essentials here:

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