Josh is from Manchester, and coaches at Qdos... He loves a back squat and a rap - and has to have the brightest trainers! Find out more about him below...




How did you get into the sport?

I got into it through my sister Em Sav! I was a globo gym goer, trying to get hench on the bench and all that, while my sister went to Regionals in 2012 as part of a team.

This obviously went over my head - and one day I got her and her fella (Craig Massey) a free pass to my gym. They showed me some cleans and then a little WOD. Fair to say I was blowing out of my backside and since then never looked back!

Now I'm a Level 1 trainer, and coach at Qdos - CrossFit Endurance and Weightlifting certified. 


What are your proudest achievements to date?

My proudest achievements! I guess there are a few. One is definitely seeing my members better themselves, doing things they never thought they could do - and you have helped them on the way. 

In terms of personal achievements, it's probably something slightly away from the sport. A few years back me and my mate cycled from Paris to Barcelona, unassisted! Just me and him - with a backpack on our backs. One day we climbed over 10000ft over the Pyrenees mountains in France.


What are your goals for 2016?

My goal for 2016 is to try to stay injury free and get a good run in!

I've got a few comps coming up, so just want to enjoy them.. Improve my strength and gymnastics - and not suck too much on the rower! ?


What's your favourite WOD/movement?

My favourite movement is probably heavy squat cleans. For the size of me, I can shift quite a bit... And favorite WOD is anything that lasts over 30 mins!


What's your least favourite WOD/movement?

Least favourite movements are probably deadlift or kettlebell swings. I have a glass back, and it always goes on them. Least favourite WOD.. Oh, there are so many!! ??


What's the best piece of advice you have to give others?

Never take it too serious. Enjoy it as much as you can!

Work the basics, drill in barbell movements with a light load. Get the technique before trying to learn something which is more advanced!


Any competitions coming up this year?

I've a few actually. I've got Battle of the Boxes and Tribal Clash. Currently doing qualifiers for Pound for Pound, and also entered the Body Expo comp... So I've got a busy year of comps coming up!


What are your gym kit essentials? 

Where do I start... I've got to have the brightest trainers, with Rehband knee sleeves. Gloves are a must, can't do anything without them bad boys! And always either a headband or a snapback cap ?


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