Introducing B[ ]X LIFE
B[ ]X LIFE has been created to unite the various interests of the UK fitness community into a single hub: athlete centred events, competitions, insights from the community and access to the best [KIT]. Our mission is to enable the UK fitness community with all the resources they need to live a life well lived.
Friends of KITBOX
Athletes, competitors and all round good eggs we've supported with [KIT]. Mavericks who live and breathe fitness and pursue the vision of their best selves.
KITBOX Athlete Days
These exclusive events gather like minded athletes and put them to the test with a bunch of fun and unique fitness challenges. From Ninja Warrior to Swimming WOD, they're bound to get your heart racing and adrenalin pumping.
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Our Mission
B[ ]X LIFE encompasses the many interests within fitness and training. Each arm has a unique identity but comes under the shared values of the B[ ]X LIFE movement:
Drive, Fun and Individuality.
Keep your fingers on the pulse with our updates on all things fitness. Insightful articles on training, athlete generated content, the hottest product features and more. Be sure to check in on what's going on.
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Battle Of Britain Throwdown
Under the B[ ]X Life banner, BoB is set to be one of the largest fitness competitions of the year. We plan to launch more interesting and innovative vents this year.
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Box of the Month
Featuring the latest and greatest boxes and gyms from around the country. To be featured please contact
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Underlying B[ ]X Life is KITBOX! We're a leading provider of functional fitness clothing, footwear, supplements, and accessories. We have strayed off the beaten path from the traditional fitness world, our athletes need kit to prepare them for the unknown.
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