Frog Grips Elite Grips OG Finger Holes Green



OG STYLE? Thinner strap than the HD, more narrow hand coverage shaped for the human hand to give you mroe dexterity on the bar.

The Grips you've all been wanting to get your hands on! But what makes them so special?

✔️The most enhanced grip surface on the market with a specialised Hypalon carbon fibre, these things are so grippy they should be illegal! No chalk needed. Just ask your buddy at the gym who has a pair!

✔️ Increased durability by infusing the highly resistant hypalon material with Kevlar and backing it with a pliable microfibre to top it all off!

✔️Increased hand protection with a layer of microfibre and high density flexible rubber to ensure the freshest pair of hands even after big sets of gymnastics.

✔️ A new wrist strap design, which removes the excess grip material on the sides and covers the wrist in a sweat absorbing comfy neoprene wrist support. Removing rubbing and reducing tightness around the wrist. These have to be felt to understand how epic they are!

✔️ Improved stitching and further reinforced clips

 ✔️Improved rubber density to ensure a longer lasting face

✔️Microfibre mini towel included in your grip bag, so you can keep your grips and pull up bar free of chalk and ready for the best grip ride of your life.

✔️Fingers in versions for those who want to take advantage of the dowel effect and like to wrap their thumbs around the bar

For more info on Frog Grips check out the FAQ here