RPM Session 4 Speed Rope True Black


Session was the first speed rope ever developed specifically to help you learn and master double-unders.

It’s also amazing for any other speed rope movement (singles, triples, speed step, etc.), but its primary purpose is to absolutely destroy double-unders, and there are hundreds of thousands of athletes all over the world using our ropes to do just that.  

Session4 Rope Essentials

  • Dual-Bearing Anti-Friction - Proprietary bearing placement allows for ultra-fast spin while eliminating any “slop” in the system.
  • Precision-Machined Aluminum - Light enough to make big sets feel easy. Strong enough to survive thousands of workouts. 
  • Patented Dual-Axis Rotation - Your handles stay put at the end of your cable (where they’re supposed to be) while avoiding any twisting and torque build-up in your cable.  
  • 12’ Coated Cable - standard on all Session ropes, our Coated Cable is our most popular, versatile cable and is perfect for beginners and pros alike. 
  • Diamond Knurling - Barbell-style grip helps you hang on during even your sweatiest workouts.
  • Microfiber Bag - Comes with a microfiber bag for easy storage and transport.