Your Natural Bodyguard
October until March is the season for colds and flus and many people get sick during these months. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to keep you safe from all the viruses floating around this time of year. Instead, it’s up to you to properly prepare your body to ward off those unwelcome intruders.

Luckily, the brains at Puori have formulated ways for you to understand how you can keep healthy during this period.
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Survival Is Not Enough
We shouldn't go through the winter months feeling ill most of the time. Instead, we should all make it through these months as the best version of ourselves and to do so we need the right building blocks for our immune system.

Below we outline 4 steps you can take to make sure you're prepared for the elements and stay at the top of your game:
Stay Healthy!
Now, let's start off with a few simple guidelines to keep your immune system functioning at its prime to stay healthy this season. These will protect you from any nasty bugs, before they cause you any trouble:
  • Eat good food which provides your body the micro & macronutrients it needs
  • Take care of your gut with probiotic foods
  • Chill out when you're feeling stressed. Burn-out isn't productive
  • Sweat out any bugs with regular exercise
  • Get plenty of sleep
Eat Your Colours
Step 1 mentioned eating good food, but what does that mean? We asked Christian Toft, who holds a masters degree in molecular biology, here's what he said:
  • Go Green: Green leafy plants contain significant amounts of vitamin C. The
    more freshly cut and less processed, the higher the vitamin C content as vitamin C levels decline significantly when leaves are cut, cooked or left in the open air for prolonged periods of time.
  • Don't forget orange & yellow: Orange and yellow fruits and veg are full of pigments called carotenoids, which are absorbed and converted into vitamin A in the liver. Apart from its well-known role in vision and as an antioxidant, vitamin A is also involved in differentiation of immune system cells from other body cells.
  • A different kind of yellow: Although vitamin D is best known for its role in the regulation of calcium, it is involved in a number of processes related to the immune system. A growing body of evidence suggests that vitamin D deficiency is involved in impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, and diabetes.
  • Is grey a color? Minerals: Iron is involved in the proper function of our immune cells. An iron deficiency renders the “killing mechanism” of these cells ineffective, increasing our susceptibility to infections.
How The Food You Eat Affects Your Gut
A few months ago, TEDEd posted this great video on how food affects your gut bacteria, which does everything from regulating your immune system to breaking down harder to digest foods to get important nutrients. Watch to learn about how the food you eat can influence the health of your gut:
Supplement Your Way Out Of Winter Sickness
If for one reason or another you are having a hard time living up to all the suggestions, you can take supplements to make up the difference. Maybe your day is making it hard to eat the way you want, rest as much as needed, you're stressed at work, or for some other reason just can't do it.

There are many immunity contributing consumables, and we get it if you're having a hard time figuring out where to start. This is why we've made a list of Puori's top 3 supplements to strengthen your immune system and fight off winter sickness:
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
– Benjamin Franklin
Immunity Boosting Recommendations
Winter is knocking on our doors, and for many, this means an almost guaranteed cold virus, or what's worse! But it doesn't have to be like that. With a little bit of knowledge, you can take small steps to strengthen your immune system and potentially stay healthy through the winter months.
Vitamin D
The primary source or vitamin D is the sun, which is why it cannot be considered a true vitamin as it is produced in the skin by exposure to sunlight. The main dietary source of vitamin D is oily fish (i.e. salmon, mackerel, tuna sardines), while egg, liver and butter contribute modest amounts. The risk of vitamin D deficiency and hence where a dietary source is required, is highest in temperate climates, especially beyond 40° N or S, where there is little sunlight in the winter.

Puori D3 has 120 days worth of capsules and is priority number 1 when trying to fight off winter sickness.
Did you know that your immune system is tied to your gut? It is estimated that over 70% of the body’s immune system is in your intestines. Hence the need for a well-functioning gut. While you can get probiotics from fermented foods, not everyone eats those foods as a staple in their everyday diet. A synbiotic is a particular type of supplement that combines probiotic bacteria and prebiotic fiber – they work in synergy.

To help strengthen your immune system, we’ve added 200 mg of vitamin C to our synbiotics product.

Puori SB3 has 30 days worth of synbiotics, and is second on the list when trying to fight off winter sickness.
Vitamin C
You are probably familiar with the idea of eating an orange if you have a cold or the flu. Though this is a very traditional remedy for common viral infections, there is some good science behind it.

Vitamin C is the key component of an orange which has been shown to reduce the symptoms and length of time of an illness. In addition, vitamin C increases the uptake of iron, which is an important mineral for proper immune function.

With C3 effervescent tablets Puori took an alternative way around to provide a natural energizer product from plant extracts only together with good natural sources of vitamin C. A three-in-one product to an all-natural lift of energy, focus and a normal functioning immune system
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