Wod & Done Pre-Cut Finger Tape Black

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Made from the same material as our signature hand protection and thumb protection tape, it is also designed to stay on and take the beating. Whenever you need to tape up your fingers, you’ll find our tape to be the most flexible, comfortable, and convenient. 

Comes in a pre-cut roll with 50 – 4in x 1in strips in each roll

We know you want to get to your WOD as soon as possible, so we took a unique approach and created a roll of 50 pre-cut strips of a perfect size:  4″ x 1″. No more guessing the size, no more cutting, no more biting. You will have the same perfect fit every time as fast as you need it without wasting tape.

What is WOD&DONE?
WOD&DONE is the thinnest form of hand protection on the market—so thin that it feels like wearing nothing at all. If you’ve tried other bulky grips in the past without success, these “wodndones” are your solution.

Made from the same material as WOD&DONE's signature hand protection, these thumb grips are also designed to stay on and take the beating.

Unlike the competition we took a different approach. We know you want to get to your WOD asap, so we packaged 12 individual 6″ x 2″ strips into a resealable foil packaging for easy access and no need to cut it.
Key Benefits
What makes WOD&DONE better than alternatives?
Super Thin
  • Won’t affect your grip while protecting your thumb
  • Preserves the natural feel of the bar
  • No bulky material to compromise performance
  • Feels like wearing nothing at all
  • Eliminates sore hands and thumbs post heavy barbell work
Custom, Single Use and Self Adhesive
  • Seamless, skin-tight bond with your thumb
  • Customized highest grade kinesiology material
  • No reusing of sweaty and bacteria filled grips
  • Affordable, fresh set every time you need one
Hold On Longer and Stronger
  • While there isn’t a substitute for your bare hands on the bar, WOD&DONE is your best alternative
  • Power Lifters, CrossFit athletes, and gymnasts alike can reap the benefits that WOD&DONE offers

  • Each strip is 6in x 2in.
  • Fits kids and adults
  • Most Flexible Tape Available
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