Tenzing Natural Energy BCAA Pineapple & Passionfruit - 12 x 330ml

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PURELY FROM PLANTS - TENZING Natural Energy Blackberry & Açai is a plant-based sparkling drink with natural caffeine, energising Vitamin C and hydrating electrolytes from Himalayan Rock Salt

PLANT- BASED BCAA. For this blend we have added 1500mg of BCAA derived from corn with a ratio of 2: 1: 1. It's the world's first Natural Energy with plant-based BCCA. Together with 106mg of natural caffeine and 24mg of Vitamin C we have created our strongest blend yet

HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE - Our plant-based drink is a delicious, healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks. We never use anything artificial, our energy comes purely from plants

VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE - inspired by the naturally energising brew of the Sherpa's, TENZING's ingredients are purely sourced from nature and contain no animal

12 x 330ml

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