Rx Smart Gear Hyper Cable 1.3mm

Hyper 1.3 


Aircraft grade cable with PVC coating. Our lightest offering weighing only 1.3 ounces for a 9 foot length (excluding handles). Most comparable to traditional speed cables. The PVC coating does not retain memory and therefore uncoils nicely. This cable can produce the fastest cycle rate therefore the athlete must be extremely proficient at double unders. Recommended for advanced jumpers who can already turn 75+ double unders.

5'0" 152cm 7'10"
5'2" 157cm 8'0"
5'4" 163cm 8'2"
5'5" 165cm 8'4"
5'6" 168cm 8'6"
5'8" 173cm 8'8"
5'10" 178cm 8'10"
6'0" 183cm 9'0"
6'2" 188cm 9'2"
6'4" 193cm 9'4"
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