Want to rehab, strengthen the muscles or increase your agility and flexibility at home? If yes, this set of resistance loop bands by RDX is perfect for all fitness regimes. This mini resistance band set is durable, offers high elasticity and built to last. From 5lbs to 25lbs, these bands come in 5 different resistance levels ideal for newbies and professional exercisers in a home gym. Eco-friendly Tension bands of uniform thickness improve core strength, balance training, enhance fitness and perfect for body shaping. Shape up your whole body at home while in lockdown with our super portable, form retaining, lightweight and easy to carry loop bands set, tailor-made to carry anywhere anytime.

With 600mm x 50mm dimensions, these bands are longer than normal, comes in a variety of length and resistance levels.

  • X Light is of 0.3mm thickness and 5lbs resistance.

  • Light resistance band has 0.6mm thickness & 10lbs resistance.

  • Medium loop resistance band has 0.9mm thickness & 15lbs resistance.

  • Heavy resistance band has 1.2mm thickness and 20lbs resistance.

  • While X Heavy features 1.5mm thickness and 25lbs strength. 

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