omega3zone fish oil with lemon flavour
High potency single dose: at least 2g of EPA and DHA per serving

Pharmaceutically pure: minimal contamination by toxins and heavy metals

High bioavailability: immediately available to the body

Highest quality standards

No concentrate - natural fish oil to meet your daily needs for Omega 3

No capsules - take the right amount of omega-3 for your lifestyle without popping so many pills:

2.503g omega-3 (1325mg EPA / 880mg DHA) per 8ml serving (62 servings!)

4.694g omega-3 (2485mg EPA / 1656mg DHA) per 15ml serving (33 servings)

Lemon flavour - no more fishy burps!

German premium quality - manufactured to the highest quality standards - cleaned of pollutants, PCBs and heavy metals.


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