Your Personal Nutrition Report will arrive 14 working days after our lab has received your sample. It includes your DNA results, personal nutrition recommendations and information about your personalised BodyFuel.

Inside you’ll learn about your:

✔ Optimal diet type
✔ Carbohydrate sensitivity
✔ Fat sensitivity
✔ Gluten tolerance
✔ Lactose tolerance
✔ Caffeine sensitivity
✔ Vitamin A needs
✔ Vitamin B needs
✔ Vitamin D needs
✔ Vitamin E needs
✔ Selenium needs
✔ And much, much more!

Download Sample Report

Ready. Set. GOAL!

This is the page that could change your life. This is the test that could solve the problem of why you’re just not quite reaching your best. This is the life you want to be living.

Every body is different. Every body needs slightly different nutrition and every body processes that nutrition in a slightly different way.

So why do the same as everyone else? It’s just not going to work for you.

The NGX DNA nutrition test is the perfect opportunity to get things right for you.

Your DNA kit will be sent in the post. all you need to do is a quick swab, return the sample in the envelope provided and register the barcode online and your personalised nutrition report will be sent out to you in 14 business days.

NGX then closes the loop offering you personalised nutrition based on your DNA test report.

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