The first step to smashing your goals

The NGX Test & Shake is just a teaser of what you can expect from a personalised NGX plan.

This vegan meal-shake is tailored to meet your unique nutrition requirements, based on the results of your DNA test.

With one weeks’ worth of healthy, personalised nutrition, the Test & Shake gets you on the right path. It's your first step to enhanced training. To achieving better results. To smashing your goals out of the park. Plus you get a FREE Cacao-Coconut flavour add-in for maximum taste.

Take NGX BodyFuel in place of breakfast and again during the day. Use alongside your workout plan and you will see the results. Define your new normal. Build the body you always wanted.

Your Personal Nutrition Report will arrive 14 working days after our lab has received your sample. It includes your DNA results, personal nutrition recommendations and information about your personalised BodyFuel.

Inside you’ll learn about your:

✔ Optimal diet type
✔ Carbohydrate sensitivity
✔ Fat sensitivity
✔ Gluten tolerance
✔ Lactose tolerance
✔ Caffeine sensitivity
✔ Vitamin A needs
✔ Vitamin B needs
✔ Vitamin D needs
✔ Vitamin E needs
✔ Selenium needs
✔ And much, much more!

Download Sample Report

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