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The original NGX Hero, for those that have completed a DNA Nutrition test.

When you buy this product, we will automatically match the shake ingredients to your personal nutrition needs, so you can be sure you’re getting the right nutrition for your body.

Buying for someone else? No problem. Let us know who you are buying for and we will match the shake to their needs too. It’s that simple!

  • Your high protein, complete nutrition shake is made from premium natural ingredients and superfoods chosen specifically to meet your needs
  • Designed by experts, BodyFuel can help you to lose fat, build a sculpted physique and crush your health and fitness goals, from as little as £1.79 per meal

  • Two 35g meals per day contain up to 56g of protein and 100% of your personal daily nutrition need – which can be 15x more than official food guidelines recommendations

  • Just add milk, water, coconut-water or similar for a great tasting, convenient way to truly optimise your daily nutrition

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