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Sweet dreams are made of this.

Unplug is your de-stresser. It eases your mind and brings you home.

Welcome a new soothing mood, a sense of calm vitality.

Quell anxiety with traditional nootropic herbs scientifically combined with easily-digested micronutrients to protect your brain.

Unplug: Relieve Anxiety, Sleep Deep, Protect Your Brain

Time to switch off. Unplug. Be present: right here, right now. Sleep deep – wake up refreshed and ready to seize the day.


Rhodiola and Ashwaganda work synergistically to decrease every-day feelings of anxiety and stress.

L-theanine induces feelings of calm, balance and sustained wakeful clarity.

Kapikacchu  enhances motivation and sexual desire with by naturally supporting neurotransmitter release.


Montmorency cherry provides natural melatonin, easing insomnia and prolonging sleep.

Bacopa Monnieri (AKA Brahmi) promotes deeply restorative sleep and increased energy upon waking.


Magnesium can help prevent age-related memory loss. It could play an essential role in helping to prevent against Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Highly absorbable Zinc Picolinate mediates anti-inflammatory effects that increase with ageing. It supports DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis for healthy brain development.

Iodine enhances brain tissue development, prevents brain damage and slows ageing.

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