Mizuno TC-01 Women's Training Shoe

For people who are always on the move, the Mizuno TC-01 Women's Training Shoes will allow you to increase your body awareness and balance whilst keeping you in supreme comfort.

Knit Upper

Surrounding the upper of the TC-01, there is a total knit construction. This will guarantee that the fit of the shoe will feel extremely smooth against the foot for comfort. The material will also allow your foot to move in its gait cycle without any restriction or pressure applied to it. As you begin to exercise and your feet start to warm up, the air within the shoes is able to escape, before it is replaced cooler air for supreme ventilation. A bootie collar construction surrounds the foot, giving you a sock-like close fit for supreme comfort. Internal support straps in the midfoot will keep the fit of the shoe close to your foot during active movements, giving you more control and support.

Mizuno COB Midsole

The TC-01 uses Mizuno's newly developed technology COB (Centre of Balance). This structure within the midsole helps you to increase your balance by activating body awareness. It does this through multiple pods which react as you move and allow you to adapt your balance whilst on the move. In addition to this, the midsole will offer you supreme protection and reactive response as you exercise. The EVA will shield the sole of the foot from any sharp and heavy contacts with the ground by absorbing them instantly. With softer EVA also found in the midsole, this will cushion every step improving comfort and reducing fatigue from occurring.

Durable Rubber Outsole

A strong grip with a wide range of surfaces is achieved by having a durable outsole. The solid rubber outsole is able to form a 360-degree grip with a wide range of surfaces, anchoring your feet to the ground. Being abrasion resistant, the rubber will not wear down easily, providing long-term functionality. The design of the outsole will further anchor your feet to the ground by digging into hard surfaces providing supreme traction.



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