Designed for comfort, gym workouts, H20 environments and most importantly for protection from sore hands, rips and tears. 

Also perfect for muscle-ups, the soft wrist strap will not pop open, move and will protect your wrist from false grip tearing...


Not just for 'in the box', 3Plus have you covered if you get sore hands from sup'ing, kayaking, canoeing or jetskiing?  If you are in or on the water and grip bars, paddles or ropes, JAW 3plus is the one for you!


JAW 3plus have three finger holes and a wide palm coverage designed to eliminate friction with their incredibly soft, durable, hand-stitched fabric they ensure your hands are protected during your workout or leisure activity.  If your vice involves water, no sweat (no pun intended), the JAW 3plus will hold their shape but not the water.  You will forget you are even wearing them.

A descendant of the JAW Pullup Grip, the 3plus fit and sizing specs are identical.  

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