JAW Finger Sleeves

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JAW Finger Sleeves will help to protect against the nurling of the barbell on your fingers and thumbs - they are proven to reduce the burning, ripping and shredding of skin when moving lifting. A cheaper more sustainable alternative to tape. Made from cloth, they are designed to withstand sweat, friction from rubbing and won't harden from perspiration. You can wash them, definitely chalk them and wear them during an entire WOD. They are soft and will not interfere with your performance. 

Measure the circumference of the finger you are wanting to cover and select from the sizes available...

Small - 5cm

Medium - 6cm

Large - 7cm

They do have a stretch component so will give a little after use.

If worn every day during every WOD they will have a lifespan of 4-5 months.
Although durable, they are delicate and will not last forever.