Inov8 F-Lite 250 Black / White

£99.99 £64.99

An evolution of the original F-Lite series, the F-Lite 250 Black / White allows an athlete to challenge any workout with more flexibility, durability and versatility. Building on the success of the revolutionary F-Lite 235, the F-Lite 250 delivers explosive power, speed, agility and unrivaled grip. This versatile shoe offers a more cushioned forefoot for broader training purposes.

All Inov8 products are designed to be lightweight, minimal and functional. They give athletes the confidence and freedom to perform hard through any environment and over any obstacle. The aim of the Functional Fitness footwear is to keep the foot close to the ground so that athletes can feel and adapt to the terrain beneath them, offering a range of soles and cushioning. Each shoe provides the optimum grip and comfort for the terrain - from road to rocks, mud to sand, the mountains to the box.

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