Hyperice Venom Heat & Vibration Left Shoulder Support

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The Hyperice Venom Heat and Vibration Therapy support is a cutting-edge, digitally connected and wearable accessory which combines both heat and vibration to loosen and relax your muscles and aid recovery. The device can be used on the shoulder

Technical Specifications

The Hyperice Venom heats up exceptionally quick using Nanotechnology, reaching a temperature of 160F within 90 seconds to provide you with almost instant heat treatment for your susceptible area. Full coverage heat treatment is ideally suited to any part of the leg, whether it is the quad, knee, hamstring or calf, the device works efficiently and quickly to help you on your road to recovery or to unwind after training. As well as providing you with heat treatment, the Venom offers three vibration types which are; constant, pulsating and variation. The type of vibration you choose will depend on how much you need to be manipulated which could be on the advice of your physio or medical professional if you are not entirely sure.

Adjust the settings using the digital touch-screen control panel to select the level of vibration with four pods offering variable sequences. The control panel is simple to use when the device is in full flow and can be adjusted during the treatment. Premium plush Neoprene sits comfortably against the skin and adds durability.

Power Information

The Venom operates using a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack which slots comfortably and conveniently in the back of the device and has a full life of up to two hours in use. To save battery life, the Venom automatically turns off after 20 minutes. One size fits all with the device ideal for all ages and all types of sportsperson.

When To Wear The Venom

There is no definition of when to wear the Venom, it can be successfully applied at a multitude of occasions and instances. The Venom can be worn when simply relaxing at home and is safe to wear when sat in the chair or laid on the sofa, as well as while you are at work, walking or standing. Small, regular treatments are advised and can be incorporated into your pre-physio routine before a massage. Most commonly, the Venom should be applied before or after a physical activity or training session to help warm-up or recovery.

**  We cannot accept returns on this item for both Hygiene and allergy grounds; we can’t guarantee that a device hasn’t been used with, or in the presence of, massage oils or waxes which another customer may have a serious allergic reaction to.

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