Hyperice Venom Heat and Vibration Therapy Back Support

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The Hyperice Venom Heat And Vibration Back Support is a cutting-edge, digitally connected, wearable back device. The venom back support uses heat and vibration to warm up, loosen and relax sore / stiff muscles.

The new innovative technology features a digital touch screen that allows you (the user) to customise the temperature, vibration pattern and time to your preference. Used by athletes to stay loose or recover post practice or game the plush neoprene wrap allows you to adjust the fit to your liking, keeping you comfortable throughout usage.

Nanotechnology that resides within the support heats the Venom within 90 seconds, allowing to get quick heat to the muscle that is sore and surrounding areas. 4 one inch vibration pods are strategically placed and feature three different vibration settings to promote blood flow and provide myofascial release.

The Support is constructed from a premium grade neoprene plush fabric, built to stretch, sit well against the skin and importantly aid comfort. Its non-restrictive design allows for a greater range of motion and mobility.

The support differs from any other back support by adding the three main components you need pre/post exercise when you want myofascial release, heat, compression and vibration. As well as offering those three components you are in control of all three of them allowing you to adjust the heat setting to your preference as well as adjusting the wrap to how tight you want the support and finally, featuring 3 settings of vibration you can get the perfect setting for you. With this combination, you can get back to feeling at your very best and be physically capable to compete at your peak level again.

The best thing about the support is that you can literally wear it anywhere. Relaxing at home, at work - easy to wear whilst standing or walking, before/after a massage and before/after physical activity.

**  We cannot accept returns on this item for both Hygiene and allergy grounds; we can’t guarantee that a device hasn’t been used with, or in the presence of, massage oils or waxes which another customer may have a serious allergic reaction to.

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