Huel Peanut Butter Bar v3.1 49g

Huel Bars are a nutritionally complete snack that contain a balanced amount of carbs, proteins, fat, fibre, and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, they are vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, low-GI and GMO-free.

Peanut Butter


Each bar contains 12g of high-quality plant-based protein.


Made with gluten-free oat flour, approved by coeliac UK.

Soft and chewy

Brown rice syrup and grape juice for a smooth and soft texture.

200kcal per bar

Each bar provides 200kcal, ideal for a quick and filling snack.


Packed full of great stuff from plants, with proven beneficial effects on your health.

Each Huel Bar is made using gluten-free oats, peas, brown rice, vegan chocolate chips, coconut, grape syrup, and flaxseed.

We add a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to give you the right amount of vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, calcium, zinc and much more.

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