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  • 45 days supply/ 90 capsules
  • 2000 mg fish oil
  • highest dose MSC fish oil with min. 400/300 mg EPA/DHA per capsule
  • Only sustainably wild caught small fish from clear arctic sea(Alaskan pollock)
  • MSC certification for sustainability
  • Natural triglycerides formula
  • High quality, strictly tested for quality: GOED / FOS (Friends of the sea) / MSC

Fish oil is made from fish – in GoPrimals case it’s made from Alaskan pollock, which are caught sustainably (wild caught)in clear arctic waters, strictly tested by GOED and FOS (Friends of the Sea), certified by MSC for sustainability.

Fish oil is the best natural source for the Omega 3 – fatty acids EPA and DHA, a daily intake provides a large number of benefits for the human body

If you’re exercising a lot, resulting from hard workouts like HIT micro-lesions appear in our muscles. which could lead to inflammations, a delayed recovery and typical muscular paints. Omega3 is fighting against this inflammations and will speed up your recovery
Omega-3 fatty acids have a positive effect on our cardiovascular system, a normal brain function and a normal vision.

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