Foodspring Protein Cookie Chocolate Chip 12 x 50g - SHORT DATED


Do you love cookies? If so, then YES! Our Protein Cookies are the ultimate snack that's both smart and sweet. They're low sugar and high protein - the perfect fitness-friendly indulgence.

  • Real cookie texture
  • Low sugar, high protein
  • With grassfed whey protein from New Zealand
  • 13g of protein per cookie

Why are foodspring's Protein Cookies better?

Our Protein Cookies are 100% cookie. We were tired of eating protein cookies that were just protein bars smushed into a vague cookie shape. So we created our own version that actually has the texture of a real cookie. Because if you're craving a should get to eat a cookie.

  • NOT average protein cookie texture
  • 0.6g sugar or less per cookie
  • Absolutely no palm oil
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