Foodspring Protein Bar Extra Chocolate Double Chocolate Cashew 12 x 65g

Crunchy peanuts, crispy coconut flakes, or velvety caramel, all drenched in melt-in-your-mouth whole milk chocolate. Or sweet white chocolate and almond. Or a double hit of chocolate plus crispy cashews. So many options!

  • 90% less sugar*
  • 8x more protein & nutritious fibre**
  • 5 delicious flavours
  • 21g of protein per bar

We toiled and tried and tested, and just when we were about to give up, we found the perfect recipe: low-calorie, sweetened cocoa, crunchy peanuts, and soft, velvety caramel. And no added sugar. And only a fraction of the calories.** It's practically perfect.

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