Flow Sports Tech Flow Mini Hot Pink Percussion Massage Gun

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We designed MINI by focusing on making it simple to use, from it’s clean lines to easy to use control panel. Nothing on the device is superfluous, resulting in a beautiful and balanced design.

Comes with 1 yr warranty


We set out to make the MINI as compact as possible, meaning that it is our most travel friendly device, weighing in at only 0.8kg (1.8lb). At 18x20cm (7×8 inches) It will fit easily in most causal handbags and gym rucks with room to spare.


At the heart of the MINI is our ultra powerful, ultra quiet brushless motor – designed in the UK and subject to numerous patents, it is powerful enough to relieve even the most tired and fatiged muscles, but at only 6odb at max power you’ll be able to use MINI at home, at the gym – even at the office.


To start the device, simply click the on button once, to activate the ​’​RELAX​’​ mode, an 1800 rpm gentle massage to begin the activation of muscles.

Click the button again to​ begin​ ​’​REFRESH​’​ a 2400​RPM​ mode that warms the muscles ready for exercise.

Click again for ​’RECHARGE​’​, our most powerful setting, which robustly works away at tired limbs to increase blood flow at ​a powerful ​3200​RPM​.

Click once more for ​’​Flow Wave​’​, our exclusive alternating wave massage which goes from RELAX, to REFRESH to RECHARGE and back again – to surprise and stimulate the best recovery.

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