2POOD Classy Bling Rose Gold Weightlifting Belt

 Bring the classy sparkles AND the fierce strength .... you deserve to rock a little bling in the gym!

The upgraded color on the belt that you've seen all the strong ladies on social media rocking!


Our belts were designed for security. The WODClamp will give you confidence that your belt won't pop at the bottom of your PR attempt. It keeps you locked in, supported, and confident.


The WODClamp is designed to let you transition quickly without losing valuable time in a workout. By using the WODClamp, you can stay comfortably locked and secured without the belt being cinched down. This will allow you to move from lifting to functional fitness and back again quickly.


The 2POOD Straight Belt is won by CrossFit & Olympic Weightlifting Pros like Mattie Rogers, Ricky Garard, CJ Cummings, Amanda Barnhart, Alexis Raptis, Anikha Greer, Dallin Pepper, Emma Cary, Tasia Percevecz, Nick Mathew, Lucy Campbell, Emma McQuaid, Sola Sigurðardóttirand more!

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