Flow Sports Tech Flow Pro ONE Massage Gun

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 A Deep & Powerful Sports Massage you can do at Home, the Gym or even the Office

The Flow Pro ONE is a state-of-the-art portable, long-lasting and powerful Percussion Therapy device, giving you an intense deep sports massage anytime, anyplace.

Percussion Therapy Without All the Noise

At only 60-65 decibels, Flow can be used at home, the treatment room or even the office.

Lightweight yet robust...no cords, no cables

Completely hand portable - ergonomically designed for maximum controllability without being heavy.

One year warranty

We designed Flow to be reliable, robust and hard wearing; and we stand by our engineering

Long Lasting Battery for All-Day Use

Using the latest lithium-ion battery technology, Flow has a run time of 4 to 5 hours and a charge time of just 4 hours

The Flow Pro ONE is the most controllable handheld sports massager in the world, with three levels of power and our patent pending FlowWave™ mode which was developed in conjunction with Sports Physios to provide the most effective recovery possible for athletes.

Level 1 (Relax): 1800rpm @ 30Hz
Level 2 (Refresh): 2400rpm @ 40Hz
Level 3 (Recharge): 3200rpm @ 53Hz
FlowWave™: L1 through to L3 ∞

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